Tuesday, February 16, 2016

jm Curley in Boston's Downtown Crossing Closed Until Further Notice; Burst Sprinkler Head to Blame

One of Boston's best-known restaurants is closed for an unknown amount of time after it apparently sustained water damage yesterday.

According to a Twitter post from the place, jm Curley is closed "until further notice," with the tweet saying that a frozen sprinkler head burst above the Temple Place dining and drinking spot and that it is "keeping us busy." One of our sources (@bellegardbastos) who walked by the restaurant says that it is indeed locked up with a "Closed" sign out front, with a message on the sign saying that they are working hard to reopen as soon as possible. jm Curley was also closed at least twice last month--on January 10 and January 15--with the former being due to "last minute maintenance" and the latter being due to a "mechanical issue," according to its Facebook page.

As soon as we find out when jm Curley might reopen, we will post an update here.

[February 23 update: A note from jm Curley gives a bit more information on what happened February 16, stating that the sprinkler head above the restaurant burst because of the extreme cold and "In a matter of minutes, the sprinkler shot out thousands of gallons of water all of which quickly filled the floors below creating a trail of destruction along the way." It is not known when jm Curley (and Bogie's Place) might reopen again, though the owners hope to do so "ASAP."]

[March 1 update: A new Twitter post from jm Curley says that it plans to reopen sometime this month.]

[March 8 update: A Facebook post from jm Curley mentions that while the restaurant remains closed, it will be having burger pop-up events at an as-of-yet undisclosed location this month. (No further information has been given.)]

[March 25 update: A Boston Inspectional Services Department permit posted out front at jm Curley dated March 7 (and signed on March 24) shows what kind of work needs to be done to the place before it can reopen. The work description includes the following note: "New wall, ceiling, and floor finishes, remove and re-install plumbing and electrical fixtures to allow for new finishes, replace damaged cabinets, and re-insulate ductwork where required." Our source who told us about the permit also says that the inside of jm Curley remains "gutted."]

[March 30 update: It appears that jm Curley's plans to reopen and/or have pop-up events this month will not be happening, as a new Facebook post from the place says to "Keep an eye out for updates on the reopening date in the next couple weeks and maybe even a pop up!!"]

[April 7 update: According to a Facebook post from Christopher B. Haynes of CBH Communications, jm Curley and Bogie's Place plan to reopen toward the "middle-end" of April.]

The address for jm Curley is 21 Temple Place, Boston, MA, 02111. Its website can be found at http://jmcurleyboston.com/

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