Tuesday, February 09, 2016

News Elsewhere: The Carnegie Deli in Manhattan Has Reopened

One of the best-known delis in New York City--if not the entire county--is open once again, putting to rest rumors of the place never reopening after an illegal gas hookup was discovered there last year.

The Metro is reporting that the Carnegie Deli in Manhattan's Theater District soft-opened today, ten months after Con Ed workers found that the 7th avenue institution's gas pipes had been diverted, essentially siphoning gas by bypassing the meter, according to an earlier article in the New York Post. Since its closing last April, there has been much chatter about the future of the restaurant, especially since other famous NYC delis have either closed (the Stage Deli) or moved (the Second Avenue Deli) in recent times.

It appears that the Carnegie Deli--which first opened in 1937--will continue its soft opening all week, with a grand opening coming sometime next week.

The address for the Carnegie Deli is 854 7th Avenue, New York, NY, 10019. Its website can be found at http://carnegiedeli.com/

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