Thursday, March 17, 2016

Maine-ly Lobstah Food Truck Reported As Stolen in Sharon

A food truck that focuses on lobster has been reported as stolen.

According to a post from CBS Boston, the Maine-ly Lobstah food truck may have been stolen in Sharon yesterday, with the page saying that if anyone has any information, they should get in touch with local police or call Sharon detectives at 781-784-1588. The post says that the truck "is red, and has a picture of a large lobster on the side and back."

Maine-ly Lobstah is affiliated with Boston's Baddest Burger and Sandwich Co., which currently runs a food truck as well and is planning to reopen its brick-and-mortar shop in Canton soon, based on a Facebook post from them.

The website for Maine-ly Lobstah can be found at

[March 17 update: According to a Facebook post from Boston's Baddest Burger, the Maine-ly Lobstah food truck may not have been stolen after all, though this appears to be an internal conflict so we will hold off on any further updates for the time being.]

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Blogger Coachjoe said...

You should look at the post just put up on Boston Baddest Burger facebook page.

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