Sunday, April 17, 2016

Tryst in Arlington Seeking to Transfer Its License

An upscale restaurant and bar northwest of Boston that is known in part for its extensive wine list is looking to transfer its license, though it is not yet known what may happen to the space.

According to a legal notice/public notice within the print version of the Arlington Advocate, Tryst is petitioning for a transfer of license to Taeksoo Corporation, with the new owner/manager being Sang Ho Kim, pending approval by the board of selectmen (a hearing on the issue takes place April 25). A check on the Bizapedia site shows that Sang Ho Kim is the president of Taeksoo--which shows the same address as that of Tryst--though little other information has been given other than the fact that the filing of the company took place on February 28. A message was sent to Tryst yesterday to find out more about the license transfer, but we have not heard back from the place yet.

Tryst first opened approximately 10 years ago, with Paul Turano being behind the restaurant; Turano also has a dining spot in Newtonville called Cook, which opened in 2013.

The address for Tryst is 689 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington, MA, 02476. Its website can be found at

Thanks to a source for initially bringing this to our attention.

[April 19 update: A bit of research done by a member of The Arlington List Facebook group page indicates that the license transfer may could be going to at least one person who has a connection to the Blue Coyote Grille in Maynard, as a Bizapedia page shows that Sang Ho Kim is the president of Sehoon Corporation, whose address is that of the dining spot, while a meeting minutes page on the town of Maynard site from late 2011 shows that the manager of the Blue Coyote Grill as of that date was Taek-Soo Kim. (As mentioned above, Sang Ho Kim is the president of Taeksoo Corporation, which is involved in the proposed license transfer from Tryst.)]

[April 22 update: Tryst never did get back to us, but in an article from The Arlington Advocate, owner Paul Turano says that the restaurant "will stay the same." (He also said he couldn't comment any further until after the hearing.)]

[April 23 update: A new article from The Arlington Advocate states that Tryst has been sold, and that the sale will become official once the license transfer is approved.]

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