Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Verna's Donut Shop in Cambridge Seized by the State

An iconic donut shop in Cambridge has been shut down by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and it is not known what the future may hold for the place.

A Twitter post from @EatBoston (via @EatatJumbos) indicates that Verna's Donut Shop on Mass. Ave. has "Seized" signs out front, with a check on the shop tonight indicating that it is now in possession of the state constables office. An article posted earlier today from Cambridge Day mentions that the issue apparently centers around nonpayment of rent, with the post saying that the order to close the store was actually issued on March 15 in Cambridge District Court. At this point in time, there is no word on if/when it could reopen.

This is the second time that the future of Verna's has been in question over the past decade, as an earlier blog post here stated that the shop had planned to close at the end of 2006, but it ended up remaining in operation.

Verna's was established back in 1951, with the business being a tenant at 2344 Massachusetts Avenue since 1974.

[April 7 update: According to a couple of sources, Verna's remains closed today, and a call placed to the shop this afternoon indicates that the phone number has either been changed, disconnected, or taken out of service.]

[April 12 update: Nearly a week after being shut down by the state, Verna's remains closed (and its phone is still out of service), though it is still not known for sure whether the shop could return to the space.]

[April 24 update: A check on Verna's today indicates that the "seized" signs have been taken down, but the place is still dark with no signs of life inside. (Thanks to Ron Newman of Davis Square LiveJournal for bringing this to our attention.)]

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