Thursday, May 19, 2016

Silvertone in Boston's Downtown Crossing to Be Sold

It looks like an iconic restaurant and bar in the heart of downtown Boston is being sold.

According to a licensing board page within the city of Boston website, Silvertone on Bromfield Street in Downtown Crossing has petitioned to transfer the business to East Coast Eats, Inc., with the new manager being David Savoie. It appears that the name (Sivertone Bar & Grill) will be kept, though it is not known what changes--if any--might come to the place. A hearing on this will take place at City Hall on May 25.

Silvertone, which first opened in 1997, is known in part as an "industry" favorite that is frequented by people in the restaurant business as well as nearby office workers in the Financial District; the dining and drinking spot focuses on comfort food (the macaroni and cheese is often mentioned as being one of the best in the Boston area) as well as classic cocktails.

The address for Silvertone is 69 Bromfield Street, Boston, MA, 02108. Its website can be found at

[May 19 update: A source in the restaurant business tells us that a ticket agency may have a connection to the proposed new ownership of Silvertone; a check online appears to confirm this, showing that the name of the owner of East Coast Ticket--which is based on nearby Milk Street in downtown Boston--is David Savoie.]

[July 7 update: Boston Magazine states that Silvertone has officially been sold, and it reopened this evening after a few days of "summer vacation." The article does appear to allay some fears of longtime patrons, as new owner David Savoie says that the restaurant and bar will essentially remain the same, with the name, menu, concept, and bar program staying in place, though Savoie is going to "spruce up" a few things and he hopes to extend the hours over the coming weeks.]

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Blogger frederic said...

Not too surprised since enthusiasm for Silvertone plummeted after Josh Childs stepped away from the restaurant and gave/sold it to his ex-wife.

4:17 PM  

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