Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Update: Ames Street Deli, Study in Cambridge's Kendall Square Have Closed; Exact Status Unclear

[Ed note: This article was updated Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning to reflect new information given.]

A pair of dining spots in Cambridge's Kendall Square that were being merged have closed, and it is not yet known why they may have shuttered or what the future holds for them.

According to an Instagram post from @fernsebner, Ames Street Deli has a sign out front saying "closed until further notice...we're sorry to dissapoint [SIC] you." Several others have posted about its closure across social media platforms as well--and a few say that Study has shut down as well--but no one seems to know what is happening with the space, and phone calls placed this morning have kept ringing and have not gone to any voicemail system. We have reached out to Journeyman in Somerville (which is under the same ownership) to find out more and are waiting to hear back.

Last month we had reported that Ames Street Deli and Study had reopened after a brief closure and had merged into a place called Study at Ames, but the Ames Street Deli Instagram page has continued to post, and it is not sure if the merge had actually been finalized, even though a press release stated that it had.

The address for Ames Street Deli and Study (Study at Ames) is 73 Ames Street, Cambridge, MA, 02142. The website for Study at Ames can be found at while the Instagram page for Ames Street Deli is at

Thanks to @jenkoni for bringing this to our attention.

[July 13 update: A source tells us that a press release is coming out shortly while a tweet indicates that the release will say the closure of Ames Street Deli/Study is permanent; a Twitter post from Ames Street Deli itself states that a press release is indeed coming soon, though it does not mention what the release will say. In what may be an ominous indicator of the content of the press release, however, Sam Treadway--who is one of the people behind Ames Street Deli and Study--is now saying on his Facebook page that "It's sad but true... we just couldn't keep it going..."]

[July 14 update: A letter from the Ames Street Deli/Study team that was posted by Eater Boston mentions that the two dining spots are indeed closed due to "a lot of factors" that were involved, and that the numbers weren't working even after the Study at Ames merger took place. It remains unknown what might happen to the space, as the team says that the two spots are shuttered until further notice and that "It is unclear what the future holds" for them.]

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Study and Ames Street Deli in Cambridge's Kendall Square Reopen as Study at Ames

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