Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Salamander's Cafe in Hyde Park Shut Down by the State

A coffee shop and cafe that recently moved from one part of Boston to another has been forced to close, and it appears that it could have something to do with money owed.

According to a Twitter post from @goodrichster, Salamander's Cafe in Hyde Park is shuttered, with one notice out front saying that the premises have been "vacated per order of the District Court," while another notice from the Trial Court of Massachusetts deals with execution for possession of non-residential property. It is not known exactly why the River Street shop was shut down by the state, but a tweet from Universal Hub mentions that "Based on the notices in the window, sounds like they weren't keeping up with the rent."

An earlier article from Eater Boston states that Salamander's used to be located in East Boston until closing in 2014, with Universal Hub reporting that the spot reopened in Hyde Park in January of this year.

The address for Salamander's Cafe is 1231 River Street, Hyde Park, MA, 02136.

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