Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Finagle a Bagel Opens Bakery, Cafe, and Test Kitchen in Newton

A local group of bagel shops has opened a new location--and this one apparently has a few different features to it.

According to a Twitter post from the place, Finagle a Bagel is in the process of opening a bakery, cafe, and test kitchen in the Auburndale section of Newton, with an earlier article indicating that the Rowe Street space is located within the company's headquarters and it will show how its bagels are made, along with letting customers try new menu items before they debut at their other shops. The locations page for the business mentions that seats are arriving today and that it is indeed open, though the grand opening celebrations begin December 5.

Based on an old Yelp page, it appears that the headquarters for Finagle a Bagel contained a factory outlet several years ago; it is not yet known if the new shop will be going into this exact space.

Finagle a Bagel currently has a shop on Boylston Street in Boston's Back Bay along with a location at MGH and a kiosk within the Kinko's building in Chestnut Hill.

The address for Finagle a Bagel bakery, cafe, and test kitchen is 77 Rowe Street, Auburndale (Newton), MA, 02466. The website for the company can be found at

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