Friday, December 02, 2016

Digumm's in Arlington Heights Seized Again for Failure to Pay Taxes

An ice cream shop that replaced the last location of an iconic chain of ice cream parlors has been shut down for money owed once again.

According to an article in The Arlington Advocate, Digumm's in Arlington Heights is closed with a seized sign out front, with the Your Arlington site saying that the Department of Revenue shut it down because the owners owe $38,417 in taxes, and the business is now in the possession of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, based on a sign shown in the Advocate article. This is the third time that the Mass. Ave. ice cream shop has closed since it replaced Brigham's, including the store being seized last year for money owed in rent, real estate taxes, and water charges.

It is not known if/when Digumm's will open again; as of this afternoon, it remains locked up, according to posters in The Arlington List Facebook group page.

The address for Digumm's is 1328 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington, MA, 02476.

[December 12 update: A check on the place last night indicates that the "Seized" sign is still posted out front at Digumm's.]

[January 11, 2017 update: Based on a photo posted on The Arlington List Facebook group page, it looks like the "Seized" sign at Digumm's has been replaced by a "For Lease" sign.]

[Earlier Article]
Digumm's in Arlington Heights Is Apparently Shut Down Because of Overdue Rent

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