Friday, December 23, 2016

New Concept for Hungry Mother Space Hung Up by Bathroom Issue

Last year, we reported that an award-winning Cambridge restaurant was closing its doors, though the team involved with the place was planning to open a new concept in the space. Now we have learned that the planned dining spot is facing a plumbing issue that could negatively affect the business.

According to an article from Eater Boston, the people behind the now-closed Hungry Mother in Kendall Square are facing the prospect of being required to build a third bathroom for the upcoming eatery, with a Facebook post on the State Park page saying that "In our view, over the 7 years Hungry Mother was open, there was never a challenge for guests to find an available bathroom when there were only 2. The cost of adding another bathroom and the space that will be lost will have a tremendous impact on the viability of a successful business." The team has also posted a petition that asks the plumbing board for a variance that would keep them from having to add the extra bathroom to the space.

Hungry Mother closed in July of 2015 with owner Barry Maiden leaving to pursue other projects, but the rest of the team stayed on with the plan being to develop a new concept in the space. (The team is also behind Mamaleh's and the aforementioned State Park, both of which are also in Kendall Square.)

The address for the former Hungry Mother space  is 233 Cardinal Medeiros Avenue, Cambridge, MA, 02141.

[January 18, 2017 update: An update to the above article from Eater Boston states that the the team behind the upcoming concept for the Hungry Mother space have been granted the variance, which means they will not need to build a third bathroom and can apparently go ahead with their plans to open the new restaurant.]

[Earlier Article]
Hungry Mother in Cambridge's Kendall Square Is Closing

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