Friday, January 27, 2017

Blackbird Doughnuts in Boston's South End Is Opening a New Location in the Fenway

A gourmet donut shop in the South End of Boston is opening a second location, and it is coming to a neighborhood not too far away from where the original resides.

Eater Boston is reporting that Blackbird Doughnuts on Tremont Street isexpanding to a new space, with an Instagram post of a blueprint having comments from Tiffani Faison (Sweet Cheeks and Tiger Mama in the Fenway) and the Craft Beer Cellar in the Fenway both welcoming their new neighbor. EB says that owner Rebecca Roth Gullo does not have any information to share at this point, but the post mentions that Gallo has indeed registered an LLC that has the name "RRG Fenway."

Blackbird Doughnuts first opened in the South End in early 2015 and is one of three spots in the South End that Gallo is behind (the other two being The Gallows and Banyan Bar + Refuge).

The website for Blackbird Doughnuts can be found at

[March 8 update: According to a tweet from @DGoodison of The Boston Herald, the new Blackbird Doughnuts will open at 20 Kilmarnock Street in the Fenway.]

[May 1 update: The Tables section of The Boston Globe states that the new location of Blackbird Doughnuts opens on May 8.]

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