Thursday, August 10, 2017

American Fresh Beer Garden in Somerville's Assembly Row to Close

A Somerville beer garden will soon be closing down, as the people behind it get ready to open a nearby brewhouse.

A message sent to us indicates that American Fresh Beer Garden in Assembly Row is having a farewell party that is open to the public on September 30, though it could stay open for an extra day depending on the weather. Somerville Brewing Company--which runs the beer garden--will also be opening American Fresh Brewhouse at Assembly Row around that time, though no specific opening date has been given as of yet, while the American Fresh Brewhouse Brewery and Taproom at Somerville Brewing Company on Ward Street will remain in operation. (The brewery is also where Slumbrew beers are made.)

American Fresh Beer Garden first opened in the fall of 2014.

The website for Somerville Brewing Company (along with American Fresh Beer Garden, American Fresh Brewhouse Brewery and Taproom, and the upcoming American Fresh Brewhouse) can be found at

[September 15 update: According to a Facebook post, American Fresh Beer Garden will close at the end of business hours on October 1, while American Fresh Brewhouse at Assembly Row plans to open its doors at 490 Foley Street sometime in October.]

[October 1 update: Caitlin Jewell of Somerville Brewing Company states that American Fresh Beer Garden will remain open through Saturday, October 7, thanks to the expected good weather over the next week or so.]

[October 6 update: A new Facebook post from the place indicates that American Fresh Beer Garden could remain open awhile longer, as the note says that "We're going to stay open during the October weekends if the weather is good so pop back here to see if we're open."]

[October 31 update: A new message from the place indicates that American Fresh Beer Garden is now closed. (Stay tuned for updates on when American Fresh Brewhouse might open.)]

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American Fresh Brewhouse to Open in Somerville's Assembly Row

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