Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Croke Park/Whitey's in South Boston to Start Serving Food

by Marc Hurwitz

A classic Boston dive that was once picked as one of the best bars in America will soon be offering food to go with its cheap beer and liquor.

Universal Hub is reporting that Croke Park in South Boston (which is also known as Whitey's) will have to start serving food because it has a food-serving license but it currently does not have a kitchen or a food-prep area. The article says that the owner of the bar has told the Boston Licensing Board that he will have a kitchen installed and "simple sandwiches" will be offered, including BLTs. In the past, Croke Park has been only offering such items as potato chips and pickles, while customers have been allowed to bring in food from a couple of pizza spots nearby as well as a location of Burger King, which is next door.

An earlier article here mentioned that in 2016, Esquire Magazine included Croke Park/Whitey's in its list of best bars in the United States, with the magazine's drinks editor David Wondrich saying that "I do my best to exercise good—okay, goodish—judgment when I'm touring barrooms, but every once in a while, a gear slips a tooth and dosages get miscalculated. Whitey's is a slipped tooth."

The address for Croke Park/Whitey's is 268 W Broadway, South Boston, MA, 02127. Its website can be found at http://crokeparkwhiteys.com/

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