Friday, February 23, 2018

Fusion Taste in Arlington Center Is Closed; Exact Status Unknown

by Marc Hurwitz

A suburban restaurant known for its Chinese and Japanese fare has shut down for at least the time being, and it is not yet known why the place has closed.

According to several sources on The Arlington List Facebook group page, Fusion Taste in Arlington Center is locked up and dark, with a check on the restaurant last night confirming this, and signs out front say that it is temporarily closed because of an equipment problem. A Facebook post from Michel Chen of the Broadway eatery says that it is "closed for revaluation," with a comment further down in the thread indicating that it could be shuttered for approximately a month.

Fusion Taste first opened in Arlington Center in 2009, taking over the space where Mifune had once been, along with Viet's Cafe and several other dining spots.

The address for Fusion Taste is 303 Broadway, Arlington, MA, 02474. The phone number is (781) 641-2388. And the Web site is at:

[February 25 update: A comment on Facebook from Michel Chen mentions that Fusion Taste will "reopen soon," though no specifics have been given.]

[May 25 update: According to a source, Fusion Taste has reopened.]

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