Monday, March 25, 2019

Craft Beer Cellar in Roslindale Is Closing

by Marc Hurwitz

A growing group of specialty beer stores will soon see one of its shops close--and this one is located in an historic space that once looked like it could include a restaurant as well.

Universal Hub is reporting that Craft Beer Cellar in Roslindale is shutting down, with the store--which is located in the basement of a former substation--selling its products at 25% off starting tomorrow. No closing date has been given as of yet, but it sounds like it will likely shutter relatively soon. Craft Beer Cellar first opened in Roslindale in early 2017, and at the time, it looked like local restaurateur Chris Douglass (Ashmont Grill, Tavolo) might open a dining spot called Third Rail in the century-old structure as well, but those plans never came to be and the space has only been home to some temporary spots other than the beer shop, including winter beer halls over the past couple of years.

Craft Beer Cellar first started out in Belmont in 2010 and now has a number of stores in the local area and beyond.

Thanks to @JeremyKrantz for initially bringing this to our attention.

[April 4 update: A Facebook post from the place indicates that Craft Beer Cellar in Roslindale plans to remain open at least through this Sunday.]

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