Monday, December 30, 2019

Several Boston-Area Locations of Cosi Are Closed

A local group of dining spots whose future appeared to be shaky a few years ago seems to be going through some more rocky times right now, though details are still filtering in.

According to posters within the Friends of Boston's Hidden Restaurants Facebook group page, locations of Cosi at South Station, Federal Street, and Milk Street--all in downtown Boston--were closed in the middle of the day today with no signs up at any of the three shops indicating what might be going on, and there is chatter that the CambridgeSide location in Cambridge is closed as well, though this has not been confirmed. Phone calls placed to all locations in the Greater Boston area either went to voicemail or were not able to go through today, and even phone calls to their headquarters in Charlestown were not going through, either. We reached out to the company in a couple of different ways over the past day or so and have not heard back yet; if they do get back to us, we will post an update here. (It appears that at least a few locations of Cosi in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Virginia have closed over the past few days, but a full list of the closed outlets has not been given as of yet.)

In 2016, Cosi filed for bankruptcy and some of its shops shuttered around that time.

The website for Cosi is at

[January 8, 2020 update: According to a couple of sources, the Burlington location of Cosi is now closed as well.]

[January 13, 2020 update: QSR states (via the Boston Business Journal) that the CambridgeSide location of Cosi has indeed closed along with Boston's Seaport District location (the latter of which was mentioned by one of our sources a few days ago). This leaves only two remaining outlets in the Boston area--one in Charlestown and another on High Street in Boston's Financial District.]

[January 21, 2020 update: A source within the food delivery business has told us that the High Street outlet of Cosi is now closed, with the place apparently shutting down yesterday. A check on the website for the business seems to confirm this, as orders can only be picked up at the Charlestown location, which now appears to be the only outlet left in the Boston area.]

by Marc Hurwitz (Also follow us on Twitter at @hiddenboston)

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