Monday, December 21, 2020

Bar Mezzana, Benedetto, Black Lamb, Cornwall's Tavern, Gustazo, Nathalie, Playmakers, The Poynt, River Bar All Announce Plans to Close for Now

Even more restaurants in the Greater Boston area are making plans to close temporarily.

According to a number of sources, including posters within the Friends of Boston's Hidden Restaurants Facebook group page, Bar Mezzana in Boston's South End, Benedetto in Cambridge, Black Lamb in the South End, Cornwall's Tavern in Kenmore Square, Gustazo in Cambridge and Waltham, nath├ílie Wine Bar in the Fenway, Playmakers Restaurant and Bar in Waltham, The Poynt in Newburyport, and River Bar in Somerville' Assembly Row have all announced that they will be shutting down for the time being, with social media posts indicating that Bar Mezanna closes as of December 23, Benedetto shuttered this weekend, Black Lamb closes as of December 23, Cornwall's Tavern closed over the weekend, Gustazo's two locations shut down starting today, nath├ílie Wine Bar and Playmakers closed over the weekend, River Bar closed as of today, and The Poynt shutters as of December 24. It appears that all plan to remain closed for part or all of the winter, with their exact reopenings presumably being dependent on a number of factors related to the ongoing pandemic, including progress with vaccines, increased foot traffic, and lifting of local and state restrictions.

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[January 14, 2021 update: A message sent to us indicates that Cornwall's is open once again.]

[February 5, 2021 update: An Instagram post indicates that Gustazo's two locations in Waltham and Cambridge are open once again.]

[March 31, 2021 update: Facebook posts indicate that Nathalie reopens April 2 while River Bar is now open once again.]

[April 2, 2021 update: According to a list from, Bar Mezzana and Black Lamb are both open once again.]

[April 6, 2021 update: According to its Facebook page, The Poynt is open once again.]

[April 21, 2021 update: Eater Boston states that Benedetto will not be reopening.]

by Marc Hurwitz (Also follow us on Twitter at @hiddenboston)

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