Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The Kinsale and The Asgard Remain Closed Indefinitely; September Openings Appear to Be a Possibility

Last fall, it was reported that two of the most popular Irish pubs in the Boston area had closed for the time being, with the hope being to reopen this spring. They never did open back up, though a glimmer of hope does remain for their futures.

According to the Yelp pages for both The Kinsale at Center Plaza in Boston and The Asgard in Cambridge's Central Square, the two spots show the following notes which were posted at the end of May:

We have indefinitely suspended operations due to COVID. Reopening depends on multiple factors, including higher occupancy of the office buildings that provide so much of our customer base, COVID-related relief, and legislative decisions on both the national and local level.

In addition, both Yelp pages show a possible reopening date of September 1, while a YouTube video from March had indicated at the time via an interview with co-owner Peter Sarmanian that they were hoping to reopen The Kinsale sometime this fall. A check on the website, however, shows that it is down, while no updates to any of the social media pages for The Kinsale or The Asgard have been posted since last October. We have reached out to Sarmanian for more details and will post an update here if we receive a response.

Peter Sarmanian and fellow co-owner Bill Goodwin are behind Classic Restaurant Concepts, which operates The Kinsale and The Asgard; both pubs appeared to have closed permanently last October with notes out front saying that "It is with great sadness to announce that the [Kinsale/Asgard] is not able to be a viable business during the Pandemic and is now closed" but a deal was subsequently worked out with the landlords that would allow the pubs to close until this spring.

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The Kinsale and The Asgard Will Be Reopening (After a Hibernation)

by Marc Hurwitz (Also follow us on Twitter at @hiddenboston)

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