Monday, July 18, 2022

New Development at Floramo's Site in Chelsea Gets Approval; Floramo's Could Return to Space

A few months ago, it was reported that a beloved spot for steak tips and ribs could see its space become home to a new development. Now we have learned that this indeed appears to be happening, though this does not mean the end of the line for the restaurant.

Based on information given to us by a source, along with info from a Chelsea Record article, the city of Chelsea has given its approval for the variances and special permit that will allow the developer Verdynt to construct a research and lab building on Everett Avenue where Floramo's Restaurant currently resides. The article indicates that Floramo's could return to a ground-floor space at the site once construction is complete (possibly in three years), with City Council President Roy Avellaneda saying that "I know [Verdynt] didn't speak about this, but they have encouraged and asked Floramo's to stay on....Now, whether or not the Floramo family wants to stay is a separate agreement, but they have offered."

Doug Medvetz, who is the principal from Verdynt, mentions that "I've gotten to know John Floramo quite well, we have had numerous conversations, he's the son....There is a strong interest in them coming back, it's just a matter of logistics....He doesn't want to open with a different staff....He is working on an alternative strategy to keep the staff together at a different restaurant during construction." It is possible that Medvetz could be referring to the Dockside in Wakefield, whose kitchen was recently taken over by Floramo's and which is serving some of the favorites from the Chelsea restaurant.

The address for Floramo's is 213 Everett Avenue, Chelsea, MA, 02150. Its website is at

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