Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Boston Market in Saugus and Waltham Have Closed

A restaurant chain that got its start in the Boston area appears to be down to just two locations remaining inside Route 128, as two others have shut down with no specific information given as to their closures.

According to a couple of sources, Boston Market in Saugus and Waltham are both closed, with a check on the locations section for the chain indicating that the Saugus outlet has been removed from the site while the Waltham location remains up, though Google says it is "permanently closed" and the storefront appears to be under construction. We will try to confirm that the Waltham outlet is indeed closed for good; if that location is permanently closed, that means the only locations remaining inside Route 128 are in Medford and Quincy. (Others can be found a bit further out in Brockton, Framingham, and Lawrence.)

Boston Market started out in Newton as Boston Chicken in the mid-1980s, moving its headquarters to Colorado in the 1990s and eventually changing over to its current Boston Market name. Its website can be found at

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