Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Craft Beer Cellar and Trinktisch Restaurant in Belmont Are Closing

Over the summer, it was reported that the flagship location of a group of specialty beer shops and its sibling beer hall were both going up for sale, with the hope being that they could remain in operation under new ownership. Now we have learned that this won't be happening after all, and both businesses will apparently be going away.

A Facebook post confirms what a source told us, that Craft Beer Cellar and Trinktisch Restaurant in Belmont are shutting down, with the post saying the following:

We are announcing today, that our time in Belmont Center, as your go-to bottle shop (and of late, Beer Hall For All), will be coming to an end. We anticipate our last day of operation to be Sunday, December 31, 2023....There are factors...some of which include the long lasting negative impacts of the global pandemic, which has had a ripple effect in the beer industry, retail, and restaurants, alike, on-going staffing challenges (and gosh, have they been many), and irreconcilable differences with our landlord, which has ultimately dissolved any parties interest in purchasing our businesses, as we had hoped. Time has run its course and now it's time for us to live our last chapter. 

Back in August, it looked like the initial plan was for Craft Beer Cellar and Trinktisch to be sold separately, and the beer shop would appear to remain part of the franchise operation while Trinktisch might possibly remain in operation under that brand. (The Belmont location of Craft Beer Cellar moved from its original location up the street to its current space in 2020, while Trinktisch opened the following year.)

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Craft Beer Cellar and Trinktisch Restaurant in Belmont Are Up for Sale

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