Sunday, August 05, 2012

Buddy's Diner in Somerville Has Reopened

A Somerville diner that was seized by the state last month after being open for more than 80 years is back in business.

The Boston Globe is reporting that Buddy's Diner on Washington Street reopened yesterday after the owner of the eatery worked with the Department of Revenue to set up a plan that would resolve the issue of unpaid meals taxes. The article mentions that her business was actually allowed to reopen two days after it was seized (on July 18), and that the owner admits she made a mistake concerning the taxes that had not been paid to the state.

Buddy's Diner is open for breakfast and lunch--as had been the case before it was seized--but the Globe states that the diner will start serving dinner in the fall.

The address for this reopened spot in Somerville is: Buddy's Diner, 113 Washington Street, Somerville, MA, 02143.

Thanks to a poster on the Chowhound site for bringing this to our attention.

[Earlier Article]
Buddy's Diner in Somerville Seized by the State

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