Thursday, August 09, 2012

News Elsewhere: Starbucks to Open a Location within a Funeral Home

The global chain Starbucks seems to be everywhere these days, but now it looks like a branch of the coffee shop will soon be coming to a particularly unusual location--a funeral home.

ABC News is reporting that the Robinson Funeral Home in Easley, SC is going to have a Starbucks "Coffee Corner" that will include a fireplace, TV, and wi-fi, and though it is meant for folks attending the funeral home itself, it will also be open to the public by way of a separate patio entrance.

Chris Robinson, who owns the funeral home, says that "you won’t be hit in the face with it," and he has an agreement with Starbucks that there will be no trademark glowing green sign out front.

The coffee shop should be up and running sometime this month, according to ABC News.

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