Sunday, December 09, 2012

NESN Sets Up a "Best Sports Bar Dish" Competition

A sports network that is owned by a couple of Boston teams has begun a voting competition for the best sports bar dish in the area, with the voting bracket including 16 dishes from local spots.

According to the NESN site, a four-week-long bracket is now in place (@JohnBeattieNESN mentioned that it began last Monday), with the 16-bar bracket including such items as the fried clams from the Baseball Tavern, pork chops from Sweet Caroline's, chicken fingers from The Greatest Bar, Big Tasty from Tasty Burger, atomic hot wings from Game On!, nachos from Happy's, and more. The voting bracket page includes links where readers can watch features on the dishes, then vote.

For more information on the sports bar dish competition, please go to the link below:

NESN, which first started out in 1984, is owned by both the Boston Red Sox and the Boston Bruins.

[December 10 update: Round 2 has begun, with eight dishes from various restaurants remaining. The updated bracket can be found here: Best Sports Bar Dish--Second Round]

[December 18 update: Round 3 (which is the "Final Four") has begun, with dishes from CBS Scene, Dillon's, Pour House, and North Star in the running. The updated bracket can be found at this link: Best Sports Bar Dish--Third Round (Final Four)]

[December 27 update: The final round for the NESN competition is now upon us, with CBS Scene facing North Star. Voting will end on Monday, January 7, with the results being posted soon thereafter. Updated info can be found at the following link: Is The North Star's Joey Chestnut Sampler or CBS Scene's Pastrami Burger the Better Sports Bar Dish?]

[January 10, 2013 update: The winner of the best sports bar dish competition is North Star, with their Joey Chestnut Sampler just beating CBS Scene's Pastrami Burger by the slightest of margins. More information on the outcome can be found at this link: The North Star's Joey Chestnut Sampler Earns Title of Boston’s Best Sports Bar Dish]

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