Thursday, September 06, 2007

Several New Restaurants For Readers to Review!

The Unreviewed Restaurants section of Boston's Hidden Restaurants continues to grow, with four new entries to this section.

Before I mention the new listings, a quick explanation is needed as to the purpose of the Unreviewed Restaurants section. First of all, the restaurants listed here are places that we have not reviewed yet, but tend to be lesser-known, interesting looking New England restaurants that seem to be good fits for our site. Second, these restaurants can be reviewed by our readers, as each page has a form where viewers can let us know what they think.

So which restaurants have we recently added? Well, one place, Sharky's Cantina, is a Mexican restaurant in Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard that seems to be a fun, casual place for folks who are heading to or from the ferry, which is close by. Another place in Massachusetts is Autentica, restaurant in South Hadley that features New Mexican cuisine. Up north, the Bobcat Cafe is a brewpub in the scenic town of Bristol, VT, that features a number of microbrews and a bar that is a hundred years old. Finally, if you like steamed hamburgers (and who doesn't?), Ted's Restaurant in Meriden, CT, sounds like a place to check out.

If you have been to any of these restaurants (or any of the others in our Unreviewed Restaurants section), please don't hesitate to post a review on our site to let us know what you think of these places. Thanks very much!

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