Thursday, July 24, 2008

BurgerWorks Coming Soon to North Beverly

A new burger joint is coming to North Beverly next month. According to the Salem News, BurgerWorks will be opening in the spot where Big Bully's used to be on Route 1A in the North Beverly Plaza, and it will be run by the people who used to own Yanks, a high-end restaurant that is located in Beverly Farms.

The Salem News mentions that sliders, or mini-burgers, will be offered at BurgerWorks, in addition to regular burgers.

To read more about the opening of BurgerWorks in North Beverly, please click on the Salem News link below:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a major burger fan, and there hasn't been a decent burger restaurant on the North Shore for...well, forever! My family and I welcome BurgerWorks and recommend it without reservation. The beef is all black angus, the toppings are all freshly made in their kitchen, and atmosphere is fresh and immaculate. Besides that, they're eco-friendly, using utensils, cups, and paper goods that are all made from compostable corn, sugar cane and bamboo. According to signs in the restaurant, they send all of the waste to a compost place nearby. How cool is that? Consumption without guilt!

5:09 PM  

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