Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Review: Kebab Factory, Somerville

Now that Classic India in Quincy is closed, the Kebab Factory in Somerville is one of maybe two or three restaurants vying for my personal number 1 spot for Indian restaurants in the Boston area. And after heading back there last night (this time with a large group), the place did nothing to change my mind.

We were seated in the back of the restaurant, which has an almost trendy vibe to it with colorful lights throughout the place and a modern, industrial feel. Our servers brought over free cups of garlic potato soup (excellent), and shortly thereafter we ordered a number of appetizers, including lamb samosas, vegetable samosas, and peshawary naan (leavened bread with nuts and raisins). The samosas were good but not any better than what I've had at other Indian restaurants, but the naan was outstanding, with the nuts and raisins adding a nice texture to the bread.

We were soon served our main entrees, which included chicken tikka masala (about the best I've tried anywhere, except perhaps Punjabi Dhaba just down the street), chicken saag (very nice, but not quite as good as last time I had it there), and lamb kebabs (a big hit at our table).

Beers were generally excellent, including the barley-heavy Kingfisher, which I stuck with most of the night.

Prices were about right for what we ordered, with the average cost being about $35 per person, including drinks.

Service was just about flawless, with a number of different people waiting on us throughout the night.

Overall, Kebab Factory greatly impressed once again. Other than perhaps India Quality in Kenmore Square and Shanti in Dorchester, I'd be hard-pressed to think of an Indian restaurant in the Boston area that I enjoy more.

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Blogger AJ said...

Punjabi Dhaba sucks. I have a review on Yelp.com. I am an Indian who knows how to cook and you can really count on me and my wife for this review.

Kebab Factory is good, indeed.

1:44 PM  

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