Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Aujourd'hui to Close in June

Aujourd'hui, a high-end Boston restaurant considered by many to be one of the top dining spots in the city, is closing its doors in June. According to the Boston Globe, the restaurant, which is located within the Four Seasons Hotel across from Boston's Public Garden, will remain open until June 27, with the space being used for functions beginning in July. It appears that at least part of the reason for the closing of Aujourd'hui is because of the fact that diners seem to be looking for more casual options in upscale dining.

The Globe indicates that the Bristol Lounge will remain open within the Four Seasons Hotel.

The address for the soon-to-be-closing Aujourd'hui, as well as the Bristol Lounge and the Four Seasons Hotel, is 200 Boylston Street (Park Plaza area) in Boston. The phone number is (617) 351-2037.

For more information on the closing of Aujourd'hui in Boston, please go to the Boston Globe link below:

Au revoir, Aujourd'hui

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Blogger Marc said...

Aujourd'hui has officially closed their doors.

11:50 AM  

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