Friday, December 18, 2009

Jae's Cafe in Brookline to Become Buddachen

An Asian restaurant in Brookline that has been around for nearly a decade is closing its doors in January, with the owner re-opening a slightly different Asian spot with a new name possibly by March. According to a blog entry in Wicked Local/The Brookline TAB, Jae's Cafe on Beacon Street (just east of Coolidge Corner) will be shutting down next month after being in existence since 2000. It will be making way for what appears to be an Asian-fusion restaurant called Buddachen, which looks to include New York-style Chinese fare on its menu, according to the article.

Jae's Cafe, which features Korean, Japanese, Thai, and other Asian cuisine, currently has two locations in the Boston area, with the other Jae's being on Columbus Avenue in the South End of Boston. It is unsure what the status of Jae's in the South End is, but the Brookline TAB article does mention that Jae's Inn, a lodging and dining spot in North Adams connected with both Jae's restaurants, will be closing over the coming days.

[February 17 update: Jae's Cafe is now closed. The new restaurant, Buddachen, has a website up and running and a note on the site mentions that it will be open in March. The menu shows a variety of food items, including hot pot, Asian soup, sushi, and chicken, beef, vegetable, noodle, and rice entrees. The website address for Buddhachen is:]

[March 9 update: A phone call placed to the restaurant indicates that Buddachen is now open for business.]

The address for Buddachen is: Buddachen, 1223 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA, 02446. The phone number is (617) 739-0000.

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