Friday, December 04, 2009

More Restaurant Openings: Robinwood Cafe and Grille, Olde Boston Cafe

It looks like a couple more dining spots will be coming to Boston, though very little information can be found on either place at the present time.

According to EveryBlock Boston, the Robinwood Cafe and Grille will be moving into the spot in Jamaica Plain that was formerly occupied by Planet Pizza. A regular poster on the Chowhound site mentions that the new restaurant moving into the space at 536 Centre Street has booths and hardwood floors and will be serving breakfast and lunch, with dinner possibly offered as well. The Robinwood Cafe and Grille looks like it may be ready to open fairly soon, so we'll try to post an update here as soon as possible. [December 21 update: According to an article in the Jamaica Plain Gazette, the Robinwood Cafe and Grille may be opening sometime over the next few days. The article mentions that the restaurant will be an old-fashioned diner serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week, and featuring such dishes as panini sandwiches, pizza, burgers, and pastries. For more on the opening of the Robinwood Cafe, please go to the following link from the Gazette: Robinwood Cafe to open soon.

EveryBlock Boston also lists another new dining spot possibly on the way, this one apparently coming to downtown Boston. The place will be called the Olde Boston Cafe, and it is looking to open up at 82 Water Street, which is less than a block east of Post Office Square in the Financial District. The 82 Water Street address is where a location of Boloco used to be, so perhaps the Olde Boston Cafe may be moving into this spot. Again, as we receive updates, we will post them here. [February 4 update. A poster on the Chowhound site has indicated that the Olde Boston Cafe is now open. We'll try to get more information on the place over the coming days, as there is very little available on it at the present time.]

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