Thursday, December 17, 2009

Update: Prose in Arlington May Not Be Closing After All

[UPDATE: An article on the Grub Street Boston site indicates that Prose may not be closing after all, at least not for the time being. According to the article, a couple of customers contributed money so that the restaurant could renew licenses for 2010. The full Grub Street article can be found here: Prose Isn't Going Anywhere Just Yet]

[Here is the original article from us:]

It appears that an eclectic upscale restaurant just east of Arlington Center will soon be shutting its doors. According to a note on the Chowhound site that was put up by a veteran poster, Prose is apparently going to close down at the end of this month after being in business for nearly 15 years. The tiny Mass. Ave. restaurant looks to be closing due to difficulties in meeting costs, according to the note. A New Year's Eve Beer Pairing Dinner Party will be held on Prose's last day.

Prose has been known in part for its personalized seasonal menu that has featured freshly-made dishes such as prime rib, spaetzle, roasted sea bass, curried chicken, short ribs, flan, and much more. The restaurant has also been involved in home catering.

The address for this soon-to-close restaurant in Arlington is: Prose, 352 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington, MA, 02474. The phone number is (781) 648-2800.

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