Thursday, March 18, 2010

Little Q Hot Pot Is Moving to East Arlington

It appears that the mystery of where Little Q Hot Pot is moving to may be over.

According to the Arlington Advocate, the Asian hot pot place, which had to leave its Quincy location in January, has gotten approval to open in East Arlington. Earlier it had been reported by several media sources that Little Q was looking at Chinatown in Boston for its new location.

The Advocate reports that the address Little Q is looking at moving into is 196 Mass. Ave., which is just east of the Lake Street intersection, and it appears that the name of the new spot will be Little Q Hot Pot and Szechuan House.

Little Q Hot Pot's original home was in the now-closed Quincy Fair Mall on Hancock Street in Quincy Center.

Thanks to a poster on Chowhound as well as the owner of the Saucy & Bossy blog for letting us know about Little Q Hot Pot's planned move to East Arlington.

[May 7 update: According to posters on both Chowhound and Yelp, Little Q Hot Pot is now open in Arlington.]

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