Friday, July 16, 2010

Update: Annabelle's Restaurant Opening in the Never-Opened C.F. Donovan's Space in Hyde Park

[Ed. note: This article was updated September 28-29 and December 2.]

A shuttered space in Hyde Park that was supposed to be a second location of a now-closed Dorchester restaurant looks like it will finally be home to a new restaurant and bar after all.

According to The Bulletin newspapers and Universal Hub, a businessperson from Dorchester is eyeing the spot at Hyde Park Avenue in Cleary Square where C.F. Donovan's was supposed to be, with the plan being to open a restaurant and bar. As mentioned in articles here, work began on C.F. Donovan's more than three years ago, but became stalled, with the restaurant never opening. The original location of C.F. Donovan's in the Savin Hill section of Dorchester ended up closing in the fall of 2009 (that space remains empty to this day).

C.F. Donovan's in Dorchester was a popular neighborhood dining spot and watering hole that featured classic American dishes and pub grub such as steak tips, burgers, pizza, baked haddock, and pumpkin ravioli.

For more information on the planned opening of a restaurant and bar where the Hyde Park C.F. Donovan's was supposed to be, please go to the Universal Hub link below.

Hyde Park pub that never opened could finally open under new owner and name

Thanks to The Bulletin newspapers for this story.

[September 28 update: According to a post on the EveryBlock Boston site, the name of the dining spot moving into the space where C.F. Donovan's was supposed to be is Annabelle's Restaurant.]

[September 29 update: According to the dining spot's website (, Annabelle's will have an atrium, a tavern, and a takeout section, as well as a function room on the second floor. A poster on Chowhound mentions that it may be opening in early November.]

[December 2 update: According to a Chowhound poster (and confirmed by the restaurant's website), Annabelle's Restaurant is now open. The menu looks to be mostly a mix of Italian and traditional American fare, including sandwiches, pumpkin ravioli, chicken and waffles, macaroni and cheese, fish and chips, sausage rigatoni, steak tips, seafood risotto, and pizza. The address for this new restaurant in Hyde Park is: Annabelle's Restaurant, 1300 Hyde Park Avenue, Hyde Park, MA, 02136. The phone number is (617) 910-9254. And the website can be found at:]

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