Monday, July 19, 2010

Roast Beast of Boston Opening Between Allston and BU Campus

It looks like a sandwich shop featuring roast beef may be opening near Allston and the Boston University campus. According to a post on the EveryBlock Boston site, Roast Beast of Boston is planning to open on Commonwealth Avenue, just east of where Brighton Avenue splits from it. The post indicates that a license for a restaurant has been issued for Roast Beast of Boston, whose apparent address is the same one that a smoke shop called The Joint currently has.

As soon as we find more information on Roast Beast of Boston (a planned opening date, menu, hours, etc.), we will post an update here.

[March 6, 2011 update: According to several of our posters (and confirmed on Yelp), Roast Beast of Boston is now open for business.]

[April 7, 2011 update: According to Universal Hub, Roast Beef of Boston has been shut down by the Boston Licensing Board because the place does not have a license to serve food. Universal Hub mentions that the board is going to be voting today on the restaurant's request for a common victualer's license, though the people behind Roast Beast of Boston need to meet with the local civic association as well, which they apparently have not yet done. If/when Roast Beast of Boston reopens, we will post another update here.]

[April 8, 2011 update: Universal Hub posted a comment within their article indicating that Roast Beast of Boston has received a common victualer's license, but the eatery will only be able to stay open until 7:00 PM daily. It is possible that the place may be open as early as today, but call ahead to make sure--their phone number is (617) 877-8690.]

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