Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Report: Do Terrorists Have Restaurant Salad Bars and Buffets in Their Sights?

A report has come out this week that hotels and restaurants may be a potential target of terrorists, with the poisoning of restaurant salad bars and buffets being a possible plan.

According to CBS News, a plot was uncovered earlier in 2010 where terrorists might be looking into the placing of ricin and cyanide into food within salad bars and buffets at restaurants. The report states that the plot may focus on attacks happening at a number of hotels and restaurants during a particular weekend. The article also mentions that a key intelligence source considers this threat to be credible, while earlier this month, the Secretary of Homeland Security implied that people who may be planning acts of terrorism on the United States may currently be in this country already, though it is not clear from the article whether she was talking about the plotters of this specific plan.

CBS says that federal officials have met with some corporate security officers from the hospitality industry about the possible plot, and that the hotel and restaurant industries is now on alert.

For more on this story, please go to the CBS news link below.

Latest Terror Threat in US Aimed to Poison Food

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