Thursday, April 14, 2011

Legal Harborside Opens in Boston's Seaport District

Nearly two years after we first wrote about it, a new restaurant from the folks behind a chain of seafood spots opens today (in a limited capacity for now) along Boston's waterfront.

According to The Boston Globe, Legal Harborside is opening the first floor of its eatery this afternoon at Liberty Wharf in the city's Seaport District. (The second and third floors may be opening sometime next month.) The article mentions that the new restaurant, which is part of the Legal Sea Foods chain, will become the largest restaurant in the city, with 20,000 square feet of space and a capacity of 600. Each floor at Legal Harborside will be different from the others, according to The Globe, with such items as pizza and small plates served on the first floor, and a fish market and catch-and-release trout pond sharing the space. On the second floor will be a higher-end dining area, while the third floor will feature a deck that has a retractable roof, an oyster bar, and an outdoor fireplace.

[May 25 update: According to their Facebook page, the second floor dining area--and patio--at Legal Harborside opens tonight.]

[June 27 update: A note sent to us by the Legal Sea Foods Twitter page indicates that the roof deck at the new Legal Harborside is now open, though only for drinks for the time being (small bites will come in a few weeks). Please note that it is an all-weather roof deck with a retractable glass roof and walls. Currently, hours for the roof deck are 4:00 PM to 1:00 AM Monday through Thursday, and 2:00 PM to 1:00 AM Friday through Sunday.]

The Legal Sea Foods family of restaurants includes locations within Boston at Long Wharf, Park Square, Copley Place, the Prudential Center, and Logan Airport, with another spot called Legal Test Kitchen being in the Seaport District near the new Legal Harborside. A few other Legal Sea Foods can be found in the Boston area as well (including two in Cambridge), and a couple of Legal C Bar restaurants are located at Logan Airport and in Dedham.

The address for this new restaurant in the Seaport District is: Legal Harborside, 242 Northern Avenue (Liberty Wharf), Boston, MA, 02210. The website for the Legal Sea Foods chain can be found at: And the website for Liberty Wharf can be found at

For more information on the opening of Legal Harborside, please go to the Boston Globe link below.

Legal goes to the next levels

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