Thursday, April 14, 2011

2011 Food Vendor Lineup for Boston's Rose Kennedy Greenway

Last year, a pilot program was set up for 6 food vendors to appear along the Rose Kennedy Greenway in downtown Boston. It appears that vendors will be back on the Greenway for 2011, with twice as many food trucks, trailers, kiosks, and carts setting up this year.

According to The Boston Globe, a total of 12 food vendors will be coming to the Rose Kennedy Greenway this year, including 5 from last year and 7 new ones. The Globe mentions that the following food trucks, trailers, kiosks, and carts will be setting up along the Greenway (from south to north):

BBQSmith (new this year), in Chinatown Park
Clover Food Lab, in Dewey Square Park
DosaMobile (new), in Dewey Square Park
Lefty’s Silver Cart (new), in Dewey Square Park
Equal Exchange Free Range Cafe (new), between State Street and Pearl Street
Silk Road BBQ, in Rowes Wharf Plaza
Grilled Cheese Nation (new), across from the Rings Fountain
Cupcake Cart (new), at Rings Fountain
Beantown Franks 'n Spuds, at Rings Fountain
Going Bananas, at the Carousel
Streatery (new), at the Carousel
Boston Pushcart, at the North End Park

According to the Globe, Clover Food Lab and Silk Road BBQ are already open, with the others looking to start up around Memorial Day in late May.

For more information on the 2011 food vendor lineup along the Rose Kennedy Greenway, please go to the Boston Globe articles below.

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