Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Refuge Cafe Is Opening in Allston

A new restaurant appears to be on its way to Allston, and the people behind it are the same folks who run a Korean restaurant next door to the space.

According to EveryBlock Boston, Refuge Cafe has just received a business license to operate at 155 Brighton Avenue in the heart of Allston. An earlier article in Allston City Limits had mentioned that this new eatery will be run by the owners of Buk Kyung II, which is at 151 Brighton Avenue (the original Buk Kyung is in Somerville), and that the restaurant will apparently be open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, serving comfort food, vegan/organic fare, and cafe-style dishes. The article also states that Refuge Cafe may have a capacity of somewhere around 40.

The space that Refuge Cafe plans to move into is the same one where the Allston Cafe had been for about 25 years before closing last fall.

Expect a June opening for Refuge Cafe.

[September 8 update: According to the Allston Village Main Streets Twitter page, Refuge Cafe is planning to open next week. A photo of the place from Allston Village Main Streets: http://ow.ly/i/gYUk]

[September 19 update: According to their Facebook page, Refuge Cafe opens today. Thanks to Krefetz Law for letting us know about this.]

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