Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Will Gilson Leaving Cambridge's Garden at the Cellar, Working on New Pop-Up Restaurant in Truro

A well-known Boston-area chef who has recently been involved with several pop-up restaurants is going to be leaving the Cambridge restaurant he has been at for the past several years.

According to an article in The Feast, Will Gilson is planning to say goodbye to Garden at the Cellar on Mass. Ave., an gastropub located between Harvard and Central Squares. The article states that Gilson is looking to focus on other ventures, including a large-scale pop-up restaurant at Adrian's Restaurant in Truro that he and Aaron Cohen of Eat Boston will be involved with from May through October. The Feast also mentions that Gilson may have at least one other major project in the works after the pop-up restaurant closes for the season.

[May 23 update: According to Eat Boston, the new pop-up restaurant at Adrian's in Truro will be opening this Thursday (May 26).]

Will Gilson and Aaron Cohen have been involved with a number of pop-up restaurants over the past several months, including ones at the Mizu Salon in the Back Bay, the Boston Center for Adult Education in downtown Boston, Taza Chocolate and Bloc 11 in Somerville, and Mohr & McPherson in the South End. Another pop-up is going to be taking place at the British Consulate-General on Broadway in the Kendall Square section of Cambridge a bit later this month.

Gilson will stay on at Garden at the Cellar for a few more months before passing the torch to the sous-chef at the restaurant.

Garden at the Cellar is located at 991 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, while Adrian's Restaurant is located on Route 6 in North Truro.

Thanks to Grub Street Boston for bringing this to our attention.

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