Thursday, July 14, 2011

Amsterdam Falafelshop Is Opening in Somerville

[Ed note: This article was updated on January 2 and 3 to reflect new information on the exact location of the place.]

A quick-service Middle Eastern eatery in Washington, DC that got its inspiration from falafel shops in The Netherlands is planning to open a new location in the Boston area.

According to the Washington City Paper (and confirmed by the restaurant's website), the Amsterdam Falafelshop in the Adams Morgan section of Washington is looking to franchise another shop in Boston. Currently, the owner of the proposed Boston location is looking for a place to set up the dining spot, so it is not known where it will be located, or if it will even happen for sure, so keep checking back for updates.

[January 2, 2012 update: According to posters on Chowhound and Davis Square LiveJournal, it appears that the Amsterdam Falafelshop is looking to open where Diva Lounge in Somerville's Davis Square has been. It appears that the restaurant side of Diva will remain open.]

[January 3, 2012 update: The above update has been confirmed--according to their Twitter and Facebook pages, the Amsterdam Falafelshop will indeed be opening in Davis Square, with an expected opening date sometime in the summer.]

[July 9, 2012 update: Eater Boston reports that Amsterdam Falafelshop is officially opening at 11:00 AM today. The address is 248 Elm Street in Davis Square.]

The Amsterdam Falafelshop features falafel sandwiches that have a mix of European and Middle Eastern influences and include such sauces and toppings as red pepper, jalapeno, tahini, garlic parsley, and peanut. Salads and pickles are also offered, as are fries, which can be ordered with traditional Dutch mayo, malt vinegar, homemade peanut sauce, and Old Bay seasoning.

The website for the Amsterdam Falafelshop can be found at