Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Casbah Restaurant Is Opening in Cambridge's Alewife/Fresh Pond Neighborhood

It looks like a new restaurant is on its way to the Alewife/Fresh Pond section of Cambridge, and it may be featuring North African and Middle Eastern cuisine.

According to notes from a Cambridge License Commission Hearing, Casbah Restaurant is planning to open on New Street, which is behind the Fresh Pond Mall. The address also happens to be that of Basha, a Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dining spot that has been open since early 2009. Based on information from the License Commission Hearing notes, it looks like the person behind the proposed Casbah Restaurant is also the owner of Casablanca Restaurant in Harvard Square. The notes also mention that Casbah is hoping to have a seating capacity of 150--including 50 outdoor patio seats--and that it might be open for both lunch and dinner.

Currently, there is little else on the planned opening of Casbah Restaurant (including whether it will take over Basha or share the building with that restaurant), so keep checking back for updates.

[October 31 update: According to a poster on Chowhound, Casbah Restaurant is now open, and it indeed appears to have replaced Basha.]

The address for this new eatery in Cambridge is: Casbah Restaurant, 26 New Street, Cambridge, MA, 02138.