Monday, August 15, 2011

News Elsewhere: Yankees Fan's Hope to Open Buck Foston in New Brunswick, NJ, Runs into Trouble

A New York Yankees fan who lives in New Jersey is hoping to open a restaurant whose name apparently represents how he feels about Red Sox fans, though the mayor of the city where the dining spot and watering hole would open seems to have other ideas, depending on whom you talk to.

According to an article in, the person behind the proposed Buck Foston's Road House in New Brunswick is hoping that a judge can help him receive a liquor license for the place, since he believes the city is refusing to give him the license because of the name of the restaurant. The city states that it is waiting for an investigation of the owner and his business partner to be completed before a license can be approved, and that they have until the middle of September to give its approval. The owner of Buck Foston mentions that the mayor had been in favor of a new restaurant coming to the space, which is at the intersection of Route 1 and Route 18, but that the mayor said the name was "vulgar."

The article mentions that the mayor of New Brunswick is a Red Sox fan, though the owner of the restaurant does not believe that this has anything to do with the mayor's being against the name.

The attorney for the restaurant owner thinks that the U.S. District Judge involved in the case will hold a hearing on the owner's motions a bit later this month, according to the article.

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Owner of potential Buck Foston restaurant in New Brunswick asks judge to approve appeal for liquor license