Friday, August 05, 2011

The Savory Plate Is Opening in Arlington Heights

A new eatery is coming to Arlington Heights, and it looks to be a gourmet takeout place with a variety of prepared meals.

According to The Arlington Advocate, The Savory Plate is planning to open on Mass. Ave., moving into the space where Quad Cycles used to be (Quad Cycles has moved down the street to a larger space in Brattle Square, between Arlington Heights and Arlington Center). The newspaper states that the new dining spot will feature all-natural foods including soups salads, stews, and wood-grilled seafood and meat, as well as desserts and a children's menu. The eatery's Facebook page also mentions that in addition to prepared meals, refrigerated and frozen foods will be available as well.

It appears that The Savory Plate will open sometime this fall.

[January 27, 2012 update: According to the No Excuses Cooking blog, The Savory Plate is now open.]

The address for this new spot in Arlington Heights is: The Savory Plate, 1346 Mass. Ave., Arlington, MA, 02476. Their Facebook page can be found at