Monday, September 26, 2011

The Federal in Boston's Beacon Hill Has Closed

It looks like a gourmet Beacon Hill sandwich shop and pizza restaurant has shut its doors.

According to a veteran poster on the Chowhound site, The Federal on Cambridge Street is papered over and has a sign on the door that says the dining spot is closed, thanking customers for their patronage. Calls placed to the restaurant this morning have gone unanswered, though the website still seems to be intact.

[September 26 update: According to the Chowder blog of Boston Magazine, the group behind The Federal will be bringing a "new concept" to the space once renovations are complete. At this point in time, there does not appear to be a specific name given to the new eatery, nor does there appear to be an opening date. We will post another update here as soon as we find out more on the upcoming spot.]

[November 29 update: According to the new restaurant's website, the name of the place will be Griddler's Burgers and Dogs. More information will be posted in a new article this week.]

The Federal first opened in the spring of 2009, taking over the space where the Venice Cafe used to be. The eatery's menu included salads, sandwiches, and pizza, with such sandwiches as grilled cheese, pulled pork, pastrami, roast beef, an Italian, and a Cuban offered.

The address for this Beacon Hill restaurant was: The Federal, 204 Cambridge Street, Boston, MA, 02114.