Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Boloco Employee Disses Job on Twitter; Boloco CEO Tweets Her the Virtual Boot

A worker at the Back Bay location of a local chain of burrito restaurants discovered this week that it might not be a good idea to use Twitter to complain about work, especially when the head of the company is an avid social media user.

According to Grub Street Boston, an employee at Boloco on Newbury Street Tweeted to her friend that " job sucks too! I work at this place called boloco on Newbury street." The CEO of Boloco soon replied, tweeting "Sorry. Not anymore." Grub Street does mention that the head of Boloco may be take another look at the situation, and recent posts by the CEO indeed indicate that the worker has not actually been fired, though he "can't imagine she's long for [a] job she hates."

The Twitter page for the Boloco CEO can be found at!/bolococeo