Thursday, December 22, 2011

China King Taking Over Rainbow Cafe Space in Boston's Chinatown

It looks like a new Chinese restaurant is looking to open in the Chinatown section of Boston, moving into the space where another Chinese spot has been for a number of years.

According to a post within the EveryBlock Boston site, China King has received a business license to open on Beach Street (at the corner of Oxford Street), taking over the spot where the Rainbow Cafe has been. No other details have been given about China King, and calls placed to the Rainbow Cafe indicate that their phone is no longer in service, so it appears that that restaurant is now closed.

[January 3, 2012 update: Based on a post on the Chowhound site, there now seems to be confirmation that the Rainbow Cafe has definitely closed, and the space is apparently being renovated for the upcoming China King.]

[March 5, 2012 update: Posters on the Chowhound site report that China King is now open.]

[March 9, 2012 update: Confirming what the poster at the end of this article says, CBH Communications reports that the new China King restaurant is owned by the same folks behind the original King Fung Garden, a landmark restaurant that was on Kneeland Street from 1995 to 2008 (the owners currently run a second King Fung Garden on Route 9 in Brookline). China King is going to be serving the same dishes that the original King Fung Garden served, including steamed pork buns, rice cake with pork and pickled cabbage, sweet pickled jellyfish, salt and pepper fried squid, and Peking duck.]

The address for the new new China King in Chinatown is: China King, 60 Beach Street, Boston, MA, 02111.