Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Bosphorus Mediterranean Restaurant in Cambridge's Inman Square Has Closed

It looks like a Mediterranean dining spot in the Inman Square section of Cambridge has closed after being in business for about a year.

According to a post within the Cantabrigia blog of Wicked Local, Bosphorus Mediterranean Restaurant on Cambridge Street is shuttered and apparently "emptied out." A check on their website indicates that it is down, and phone calls placed over the past few days went directly to voicemail (we had heard several days ago that Bosphorus may have indeed closed).

Bosphorus first opened last January, bringing to the Inman Square neighborhood a place to get a variety of Turkish and Mediterranean dishes, including lamb chops, stuffed grape leaves, beef dumplings, shish kebab, and grilled salmon.

The address for this now-closed dining spot in Inman Square was: Bosphorus Mediterranean Restaurant, 1164 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA, 02139.

Thanks to a poster on Chowhound for bringing this to our attention.

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