Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Group Behind Marliave and Grotto May Open A Restaurant Where Pops Used to Be

The folks behind a couple of Boston restaurants may be looking to open another spot, with this one being in a South End space where a popular eatery had been.

According to food writer MC Slim JB via the Chowhound site, the people who run Marliave in downtown Boston and Grotto on Beacon Hill are apparently interested in the former Pops space on Tremont Street. (Pops was a comfort food spot had closed in the fall of 2011 after being open for about four years.) MC Slim had initially mentioned within the Chowhound thread this past Saturday that he had "heard a rumor the Grotto / Marliave folks were looking at it," but several hours later put up another post, stating that "it now looks like the Pops thing is happening." He also said that there doesn't appear to be any information on a concept for the place.

Marliave is a local landmark that has been around since the 1880s, though it closed for awhile a few years back before the Grotto folks reopened it. The restaurant focuses mainly on classic American and New American fare. Grotto is located on Bowdoin Street, just down the hill from the State House, and features mostly Italian and Mediterranean food.

The address for the space that the Marliave/Grotto people are apparently looking at is 560 Tremont Street, Boston, MA, 02118.

Thanks to Eater Boston for bringing this to our attention.

Pops Restaurant in Boston's South End Has Closed

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