Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blue Pointe Bistro in Weymouth Has Closed

It looks like a South Shore restaurant that was known for its upscale atmosphere and combination New American/classic American fare has closed its doors.

Several checks of the Blue Pointe Bistro in Weymouth Landing over the past few weeks have indicated that the place is dark and locked up, and now a reader of ours has told us that it is indeed shuttered. A check on their website shows that the site is gone (taken down in late January), and a call placed to the eatery resulted in a fax-like noise after a number of rings.

The Blue Pointe Bistro first opened in early 2007, bringing to this neighborhood on the Braintree/Weymouth line a place to get mostly modern American cuisine in a sleek and trendy setting. The menu featured such items as pork spring rolls, calamari, fried macaroni and cheese, pumpkin ravioli, flank steak, crab cakes, risotto and shrimp pesto.

[February 16 update: According to the Homestead Landing Civic Association website, the Blue Pointe Bistro has indeed closed, with the owners selling the space to "Weymouth people who also own 2 other restaurants." The post states that the space is bring renovated, with the original plan having been for the new dining spot to open earlier this month. As soon as we find out what restaurant will be going into the space and when it might open, we will post another update here. (Thanks to a poster on Chowhound for bringing this to our attention.)]

The address for this now-closed restaurant was: Blue Pointe Bistro, 61 Washington Street (Route 53), Weymouth, MA, 02188.